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Access Control for the Internet age

Complementing Web Sites with DOOR CONTROL !


CheckMateTM-system extends the customers' web-sites or web-shops with a handy "plug-in". The Booking-extension enables easy booking of services, and it also controls the doors, locks, access at "the points of services". And monitors, too.

CheckMate is applied by all kinds of service providers, receptions, activity centers, etc. Clubs, sport or leisure activities, gyms, fitness, nursing, home care, wellness, lodging, cabins, in-house services like laundry, sauna, etc. You name it !

CheckMate is easy to append to the customers' web-site. The web-payment module is available, as well. The site can be browsed with laptops, mobile devices, etc. Tiny DoorServers are installed at the points of services, for door control. That is all. The DoorServers operate independently, and include all the features and software, firewall, strong data security, and all.

The customers' points of services may locate freely, any where, any number. The common "net" is used, Internet of course, normal broadband, 3G or anything.

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Installations: Your local Lock and Security Installer

More info!

Brief leaflet (pdf): CheckMate leaflet
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