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Access Control for the Internet age

ACCESS CONTROL through open networking

The DoorServerTM - a generic Door Controller taking care of all the functions and security tasks of any door. The tiny device contains all the software and databases, operates independently and tolerates network failures.


The DoorServer supports the common IT-infrastructures: LAN, WLAN, the Internet, web-browsers, firewalls, data security, etc. For administration: just use a common web-browser, even a smart phone.

As a team the DoorServers actualize a generic security system; even a larger team is administered at the team's own home page. No server or database computers are needed at all.

The DoorServer-team is a generic security system with all the latest features of Locking and Access Control including automatic doors, door control, remote controls globally with smart phones, email messaging, guarding center interfacing, ticketing, alarm zone monitoring, T&A, and much more.....
Now the high-end Access Control features are for everyone.

The nativly decentralized DoorServer-solution scales to any customer; from single door shops up to global corporations, even if located in different buildings, or cities, globally.
Super market chains, shop chains, public organizations, distributed organizations, kiosk chains, SME's, schools, residential buildings, even for private homes, villas, ....
Organizations with multiple addresses. Those outsourcing security services and key management.

Installations: Your local Lock and Security Installers.


The brochure: DoorServer
More details: Downloads

Try the DoorServer:

(login/password: demo / eacces)