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Access Control for the Internet age

DYNAMIC - the smart card based locking system

The DYNAMIC system is a modern solution for distribution, enforcement and management of access rights. The DYNAMIC system is an advanced door locking system.


Smart cards are used as keys. Tiny readers installed directly on the doors are used to control the locks.

The system is affordable, feasible for any locking installation - large or small, new or old, local or remote, fixed or movable.

  • the modern way to generate, distribute and enforce access rights
  • self organizing information concept
  • optimised communication methods, issuing keys without reader reprogramming
  • adaptive security policies, reduced reprogramming needs
  • internal data security protects all units and transactions
  • off-line solution, readers operate independently for unlimited time
  • TCP/IP-network services as an option
  • unlimited system expansions
  • low installation and investment costs - short payback time
  • for nation wide or global installations: large facilities and organizations, distribution chains, vehicles, portable containers, transportation containers, etc.

The brochure (pdf):   DYNAMIC   (187K)