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Access Control for the Internet age

ALT Services Ltd

ALT is a leading developer of advanced locking and access control systems consisting of intelligent terminals with powerful firmware solutions and open standards.

The target customers are organisations and individuals with focus on key management and a demand for high data security.

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The innovative e-Acces locking system is based on embedding both the access control terminal functionality and the access control server functionality into a tiny intelligent DoorServer device, supporting the open networking, too.

ALT also delivers "native" off-line systems utilising the smart cards and featuring the full range of access control functionality with ultimate security.

ALT's products are very competitive and address a wide range of customers. Many new end user groups utilize the product, on top of conventional locking and access control systems.

For more information, please contact: sales (a) advancedlocking . com

LongRange-readers available

The LongRange RFID-readers and tags operate up to 45 m distance and can be used for remote unlocking several doors.
The LongRange-tags comply the entire eA-reader family working also as conventional proximity keys.
See: Downloads / RFID-series
Ask: sales (a) advancedlocking . com