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Access Control for the Internet age


LongRange-readers available

The LongRange RFID-readers and tags operate up to 45 m distance and can be used for remote unlocking several doors.
The LongRange-tags comply the entire eA-reader family working also as conventional proximity keys.
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New software for the DoorServers

The latest software for the DoorServers was released in May.
Version 5.4 includes new user interface, ntp-support for clock time and time zones, as well as extended teaming functionality.

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The expanding eA-reader family !

Smart cards now available.
The contactless smart cards are primarily targeted to the public sector applications and to any site with increased security demands.
The new "dual-action" readers operate with both the smart cards and the "conventional RFID-tags" of the eA-family.
See: Downloads / RFID-series
Ask: sales (a) advancedlocking . com